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Legislation of Uzbekistan On-line

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News of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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Legislation of Uzbekistan in English language



Regularity of updating

Every month


The Oliy Majlis, the President, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Justice, the State Tax Committee, the State Customs Committee, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Supreme Economic Court and other agencies of State power and administration.

Figures and facts:

Data as of 10.01.2013

Number of documents: 2513
Number of documents become invalid: 332
Number of references: 46601
Number of commentaries: 28140
First issue of the database : June 1995

Contents of the database

  • Agreements and memorandums
    • On avoidance of double taxation
    • Communication, telecommunications, information exchange
    • Agriculture
    • Interdepartmental cooperation
    • Culture, education, tourism
    • Customs issues
    • Trade and economic cooperation
    • Transport, transit
    • Protection and promotion of investments
    • On crime-prevention
    • Consular relationship, freedom of movement
    • Science and technology, metrology, certification, environ-al protection
    • Others
  • Banks, securities, currency transactions
    • Bank activity, General issues
    • Clearing settlements in national economy
    • Licensing
    • Registration of banks
    • Certain issues of bank activity
    • Currency control
    • Securities
  • Book keeping, audit
  • Civil legal relationship
  • Conventions
  • Customs legislation
    • General issues
    • Export - import regulation
    • Customs payments
    • Customs clearance
    • Customs control, inspection
    • Transportation of certain categories of goods across the state border
    • Classifiers
    • Currency control
  • Declarations
  • Economic disputes
    • General issues
    • Denationalization, privatization, juridicial practice
    • Bankruptcy, court practice
  • Enterprises and entrepreneurship
    • General issues
    • Licensing
    • Exchange activity
  • Finance, prices
  • Foreign economic activity
    • General issues
    • Relations with CIS countries
    • Foreign investment
  • Labour relationship
  • Legislation on transport and communication
    • General provisions: transport
    • Motor transport
    • Cargo carriage, cargo handling
    • General provisions: communication
  • Municipal housing economy
    • General issues
    • Housing fund
  • Practical advice under the legislation
  • Privileges, social security, pension, insurance
  • Property, privatization, lease:
    • General issues
    • Industrial and other property
    • Denationalization and privatization
  • Regulation of certain branches of economy
    • Basis of activity of governmental authorities and administration
    • Rights and liberties
    • Public associations
    • Information
    • Certification
    • Standardization
    • Science, culture, education
    • Medicine
    • Subsoils, nature, land tenure
    • Agrobusiness complex
    • Construction and architecture
    • Certain issues of state and civil law
    • Commerce, catering, consumer services
    • Mass media
  • Taxes, payments, duties
    • General issues
    • VAT, income, property, excise taxes
    • Certain categories of taxation
    • Charges, duties
    • Taxation bodies activity payers' responsibility

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